Choosing The Wrong One Could Cost You Time And Money.
Now There’s A Better Way To Choose The Best Agent.


More than half of all real estate listings don’t sell the first time!


From:      Joe LaRue
               Program Director, Saint Louis, MO
               EvaluRank™ Network


Choosing a real estate agent seems like a simple task.

You find someone you like… someone with a nice smile and a pleasant personality… someone you feel comfortable with… and that’s all there is to it!

Believe me! It’s not that simple.

Because signing with the wrong agent could cost you time… and leave you walking away with a lot less money that you’d hoped for.

Lots of Realtors… but very few dealmakers and strong negotiators.

It’s bad enough more than half of all real estate listings DON’T  SELL during the initial listing period…  worse is that most agents aren’t all that well-trained in the sales, marketing, and negotiation skills it takes to get homes sold and for top dollar. 


To Meet Up To 3 Top-Performing Real Estate Agents… FREE

Remember that old saying, “You can’t tell a book by its cover.”

Sometimes I think that is a biography of the real estate industry. I say that because of what I see in the industry… the types of real estate agents many people come face to face with.

Perhaps you’ve met one or two:

The “Grab The Money And Run” Agent

Some real estate agents like to grab the listing and run for the hills. After all, once they sign you, they are instantly guaranteed half of the commission from the sale of your home… when it sells. (The buyer’s side collects its half, too).

They enter your information into the MLS… stick a sign in the yard and just sit and wait for a buyer’s agent to come along with a buyer.

The “What You Want To Hear” Agent

Then there’s another group of agents that will tell you anything you want to hear… just to get the listing. They’ll tell you your home will sell fast… sell for an unrealistically high price… or that they already have a buyer for your home.

Once again, as the listing agent, they earn half the commission.

The “Little Or No Experience” Agent

Finally, there’s a group of agents who just don’t have the experience. Sure, everyone starts out as a novice… and they must learn somewhere. But this is your home. You need to sell it, right? For my money, I’d rather have them learn on someone else’s home.

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that real estate agents are bad people… or insincere. But in today’s market, there are too many agents and too few home sales to go around.

So they push hard to get a listing. And sometimes, they’re not truly representing what they can and will deliver. 

A Better Way

There is a better way to choose the best real estate agent to sell your home.

It’s not magic. In fact, it’s very systematic… because it looks at an agent’s track record.

That’s what EvaluRank™ is all about.

EvaluRank™ looks at an agent’s performance… their track record… and specific success for selling homes in your area and price range.

The more agents we spoke to the more confused we became. We finally figured out that we really had no systematic way to make a decision. EvaluRank helped us choose an agent based on performance and she performed brilliantly! –– Gilbert and Sandra E., Chesterfield

And, it doesn’t stop with just “the numbers.” EvaluRank™ also checks references and conducts client-satisfaction surveys. All in the interest of connecting you with not only an experienced agent, but one who you would hire again if the need arose.


To Meet Up To 3 Top-Performing Real Estate Agents… FREE

Connect With A Proven Performer Today

Through EvaluRank™, I help you choose from among “proven performers” –  agents that know how to get the job done…

  • To price your home properly
  • To create a marketing plan that makes sense
  • To provide you with the benefit of their personal success and experience
  • To provide you with the very best service –– because they didn’t get to where they are today without doing things the right way!

With EvaluRank™ on your side there’s less guessing on your part… agents provide more activity… and more action… and you reap the reward of more good happening sooner.

And I do it at NO COST TO YOU!

Yes, that’s right. I will introduce you to 2 or 3 top agents –– agents who outperform the average agent and really have the skills that it takes to get you from listed to sold with the least hassle. And who have considerable success in selling homes in the price range of your home -- FREE.

There’s no charge. There’s no obligation. And there’s nothing to buy.

Because of a family emergency, we needed to sell quickly. We knew that hiring the wrong agent could be disastrous. Thanks to EvaluRank, we found a great agent with a great track record. We had our buyer in 23 days. –– Rich and Sally H., Chesterfield


So What’s The Catch?

Fair question… and one we hear often.

The answer is: There’s no catch!

We operate on the principle of “fair trade” –– that is, in exchange for providing you with this valuable information, we get the opportunity to introduce you to other industry professionals you’ll want to know about.

For example, we’ll provide you with information about competent moving and storage companies, handyman services, painters, top notch insurance providers, the names of people who can help you prep your home for sale, and so on.

Most everything and everyone we tell you about will save you money and aggravation! 

Once again, there’s no obligation. The EvaluRank™ team and I are compensated by the businesses we introduce you to.

Getting to know EvaluRank was a true blessing. The agent we chose was professional and extremely competent. My husband and I sold our home more quickly than we expected. –– Sara H., St. Louis

So Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready (or near ready) to sell your home… if this makes sense to you… let me help you find the best real estate agent to list your home.

You’ll save time.

You’ll put more money in your pocket.

And you’ll have far less frustration during the weeks or months ahead.

To take advantage of the EvaluRank™ Service Provider Network and connect with agents and other professionals that are ideally suited –– by virtue of their verifiable and proven track record and their success on selling homes in your area and price range –– click the link below.


To Meet Up To 3 Top-Performing Real Estate Agents… FREE

I’ll ask you to fill out a brief form telling us basic information about your home and your neighborhood. (We do not ask for personal information or financial data).

We will ask you to provide your phone number so that if we have questions about your home or neighborhood, we can call you.

Once we have determined which real estate agents to introduce you to, we will call back to make our recommendations.

We will also assist you along the way with names of other professionals who you’ll need as you move through the homebuying and selling process.

Again, there’s no cost, no obligation, nothing to buy.

Click the link below to access the brief form I mentioned.


To Meet Up To 3 Top-Performing Real Estate Agents… FREE


Best regards,


Joe LaRue
Program Director, St. Louis
(314) 973-5263


P.S.    In most cases, we will contact you within a few hours to discuss your case and connect you with the agents who can best serve your needs.

P.P.S. By the way, the agents that I will introduce you to are the agents I personally would choose to sell my home.

I feel like we won on all accounts. We hired a great agent who did a terrific job. Plus, EvaluRank provided us with the name of a great moving company that saved us a ton of money on a very tricky move. –– William S., St. Louis




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